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Posting Notices

In most states, employers are required to post a notice in the workplace informing employees about the availability of Workers’ Compensation insurance. See below for state-specific posting notices.

AK Form 07-6120: Employer's Notice of Insurance

AL Form WCC#1: Workers' Compensation Notice

AR Form P: Workers' Compensation Instructions to Employers and Employees - English, Spanish

AZ Employer's Compliance with Workers' Compensation Law Poster - English and Spanish

CA Exclusion Form: Managing Members

CA Exclusion Form: Officers/Directors

CA Exclusion Form: Partners

CA Form DWC 7: Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused by Work - English and Spanish

CA Form DWC 1: Workers' Compensation Claim Form and Notice of Potential Eligibility (NOPE)

CA Employee Fact Sheet

CO WC50 Poster Notice of Employer of Injury in English + Spanish

CT Notice to Employees

DC Form No. 1 DCWC: Notice of Compliance - English, Spanish

DE Open Labor Law Poster - English, Spanish

FL Important Workers' Compensation Information for Florida's Employers Brochure - English, Spanish

FL Notice of Compliance - English, Spanish

FL Anti-Fraud Notice - English, Spanish

GA Form WC-BOR: Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker - English, Spanish

GA Form WC-P1: Official Notice- Workers' Compensation Panel Posting Notice - English, Spanish

HI Labor Law Poster - Complete (Workers' Compensation on page 1)

ID Notice Regarding Workers' Compensation

IL Form ICPN: Workers' Compensation Notice - English, Spanish

IN Worker's Compensation Notice - English, Spanish

KS K-WC 40-A: Workers' Compensation Rights and Responsibilities - English and Spanish

KY Workers' Compensation Notice

LA Workers' Compensation Poster - English, Spanish

ME WCB-90: Notice to Employees - Multiple Languages

MA Notice to Employees Poster - English, Spanish (Also available in other languages)

MD WCC Form C-24: Workers' Compensation in Maryland

MI WC-PUB-005: Employees - Know Your Rights

MI WC-PUB-006: Workers' Compensation Agency Rights & Responsibilities

MN Posting Notice English, Spanish

MO WC-106: Workers' Compensation Law - English, Spanish

MS Notice of Coverage - English, Spanish

NC 17: Workers' Compensation Notice (and Instructions) to Injured Workers and Employers - English, Spanish

NH WCP-1: Workers' Compensation Law

NJ 16NJA: Posting Notice - English, Spanish

NJ Preferred Provider Instructions

NM Notice of Accident or Occupational Disease Disablement

NM Posting Notice - 11x17 (1 page)

NM Posting Notice - 8 1/2 x 11 (2 pages)

NV D1: Brief Description of Your Rights and Benefits

NV D22: Notice to Employees

NY C-105: Notice of Compliance - English and Spanish

NY C-105.1: Acknowledgment of Workers' Compensation Law

OR 1188: Notice of Compliance
Copies can be ordered from: http://wcd.oregon.gov/employer/Pages/noc-poster.aspx

OK CC-Form-1A: Workers' Compensation Notice and Instruction to Employers and Employees - English, Spanish

PA LIBC-500: Workers' Compensation Insurance Posting

PA Designated Physicians Program Acknowledgment

PA Designated Physicians Program and General Workers' Compensation Instructions

PA Workers' Compensation Information

RI DWC-8: Posting Notice of Workers' Compensation Act - English, Spanish

SC Workers' Compensation Compliance Poster

SD Safety Poster

TN LB-0922: Workers' Compensation Insurance - English, Spanish

TX Notice 6: Notice to Employees Concerning Workers' Compensation in Texas - English, Spanish (Also available in other languages)

UT Workers' Compensation Notice - English, Spanish

VA Form VWC1: Workers' Compensation Notice - English, Spanish

VT Form 31: Employer's Liability and Workers' Compensation Notice to Employees - English, Spanish

VT WC-9: Employer's Reinstatement Liability

WV-POSTING: Workers' Compensation Notice to Employees