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Claims Reporting

Workers’ Compensation claims should be reported to us as soon as possible by calling 1-844-549-2512. Only the administration of emergency care should come first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should make the call?
Both the employer (or designated representative) and the injured/ill employee should jointly make the call whenever possible.

What information will be needed?

  • The employer’s tax identification number
  • The employer’s Workers’ Comp policy number
  • The employee’s social security number
  • The employee’s personnel file
  • Any notes or reports of the incident

How long will the process take?
The call should take about 15 minutes, and we complete all the paperwork!

What number should be called for follow up?
You can use this same phone number for updates about the claim.

Report Fraud

Insurance fraud adds up to billions of dollars of losses each year, ultimately impacting the cost of coverage for consumers. It’s also a serious crime.

We can all do our part to fight fraudulent insurance claims. To report suspicious activity anonymously, call 1-844-861-1199.